Tomé Esperança

Tomé Esperança

1. What motivated you to sign up for the Shaw Method teacher training with Steven Shaw and Holmes Place?
The desire to enhance my teaching skills and discover a safer approach to swimming, minimising the risk of injuries.

2. In what year did you qualify as a Shaw Method teacher?
I attended the first course in Portugal, and while I can’t recall the exact year, I believe it was around 2016.

3. How has learning to teach the Shaw Method impacted on your swimming teaching and your life?
I’ve noticed a significant increase in my overall calmness and relaxation. Understanding the body’s response in water has profoundly changed my perspective.

4. How do you use Shaw Method now?
I continue to apply the method as I learned it, albeit with slight modifications. I incorporate it into my teaching at Holmes Place and also offer private lessons in various pool settings.

5 What aspect of the work do you love the most?
I particularly enjoy the fluidity and smoothness of the strokes.