Art of Swimming

Revolutionise your relationship with the water with the Shaw Method

Learn to swim in a way that keeps your spine and body in perfect alignment. Glide gracefully through the water, improve your health and master one of the most profound life skills.We offer courses, workshops & residential breaks

What is the Shaw Method?

The Shaw Method, founded in 1987 by Steven Shaw, applies the proven principles of the Alexander Technique to swimming. Thousands of people have developed their swimming skills and transformed their experience of the water through this unique and enjoyable form of instruction, which improves poise, brings greater freedom of movement, and promotes good body alignment while minimising the risk of strain or injury.

Step out of the water feeling calm, energised, and refreshed.

learn to swim

improve your stroke

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Shaw Method lessons with Art of Swimming can help you whatever your goals.

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How Terry Laughlin Influenced Me

I first became aware of Terry Laughlin’s work in 1995 when I was researching for my book the Art of Swimming.  I was really impressed by the clarity of his writing and simplicity of his descriptions and I felt he was a kindred spirit.

Unknown Benefits of Swimming

It is widely known that swimming is great for your  physical health by providing a low-impact cardio workout. Yet there are many other significant health benefits which have remained relatively unknown and unpublicised … until now. Research into these hidden  health...

Art of Swimming – the book

~ Art of Swimming - the book ~ The book is based on Steven's 35-year voyage of discovery and looks at front crawl, back stroke, breast stroke and butterfly - focusing on maximum efficiency and minimum strain. Take a...


18 hours ago
Relax, Renew! Two Night Learn To Swim Break ~ Champneys, Springs

~ high praise from this satisfied customer who attended an Art of Swimming workshop at Champneys 🙂 - the next one is this weekend ~

"Please pass on my sincere and heartfelt thanks to Steven and Kim ... See more

If you’d like to swim in a way that promotes good body alignment, strengthens your back, and eases muscular tensions, this short break is for you. We’ll focus on your quality of movement, ease ... See more

2 days ago

~ Fancy a feel-good Sunday? We have space for our half day courses tomorrow Sunday 18th February - PLUS a free DVD offer ~

Morning - Try Butterfly ~ The Shaw Way To Fly! ... See more

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