Welcome to the Art of Swimming & the Shaw Method

Founded in 1987 by Steven Shaw, the unique Shaw Method approach to swimming applies the proven principles of the Alexander Technique. With a focus on promoting optimal body alignment, grace, and flow, the Shaw Method is designed to work for all ages and abilities, with a particular focus on adults.

Learn to swim in a way that keeps your spine and body in perfect alignment. Our experienced instructors will guide you on a journey to glide gracefully through the water, improving your health and mastering one of the most profound life skills.

With a variety of learning formats to suit your needs, including private lessons, group classes, workshops, and more, the Art of Swimming and the Shaw Method is the perfect place to unlock your true swimming potential.

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Lorraine, ITV

For Lorraine’s Change One Thing campaign, Elaine wanted to learn to swim
after having a fear of water since the age of 12. With the help of  Steven Shaw, she starts to face her fear.