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the Art of Swimming

Learn to swim in a way that keeps your spine and body in perfect alignment. Glide gracefully through the water, improve your health and master one of the most profound life skills.We offer courses, workshops & residential breaks

“As always, the perfect mix of fundamental principles and more advanced skills, delivered in an efficient, yet unhurried style”

“I especially liked the way the method (in this case crawl) was broken down into clear, concise exercises which I could do.  My body and mind became increasingly confident in the water and with the process.”

” I understood what was meant and, if I didn’t, felt it was explained in a way I could, with pure compassion, clarity and expertise.”

“The workshop was brilliant. Everything was very clearly explained and demonstrated. Any questions were answered clearly and helpfully.”

“It was clear that all the teachers really cared about what they were doing. All in all, the whole day was a superb experience and reinvigorated my desire to swim. I will certainly be booking more Art of Swimming courses in the future.”

“All the teachers were very clear at all times verbally and in demonstrating in order to illustrate points.”

“Always interesting and enough variety to keep students interested.”

“Very clear explanations throughout, including why we were doing particular activities or practices.”

“Course leader and assistants all very knowledgeable and encouraging. They were able to identify issues and advise accordingly.”

Teaching and the lessons it has taught me – Steven Shaw

If at the age of 17 when I was already feeling burnt out from the hard slog of competitive swimming, you’d said to me that one-day teaching people how to swim would be at the heart of my life I would have never believed you. But life has a way of taking unexpected turns and here I am over 30 years later, having developed the Shaw Method and spending most of my time in the water – either working with others or refining my stroke, and gaining immense joy and satisfaction from both.

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Become buoyant, explore movement step by step and build your skill slowly.



Whatever your starting point, we will help you build up your stamina, speed and efficiency.


Our approach is sympathetic and hands-on; thousands of people have transformed their technique.

Feel the day’s pressures being washed away and emerge calm and refreshed.

Shaw Method lessons with Art of Swimming can help you whatever your goals.

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