What is Shaw Method?

The Shaw Method, founded in 1987 by Steven Shaw, applies the proven principles of the Alexander Technique to swimming. Thousands of people have developed their swimming skills and transformed their experience of the water through this unique and enjoyable form of instruction, which improves poise, brings greater freedom of movement, and promotes good body alignment while minimising the risk of strain or injury.

Step out of the water feeling calm, energised, and refreshed thanks to Shaw Method lessons with Steven Shaw

What do you want to achieve?

Shaw Method lessons with Art of Swimming can help you whatever your goals …

Learn to swim

Build your skill in easy-to-learn steps, find out how to harness enjoy the buoyancy of the water, and explore movement on your front and back.

Build your confidence

We have taught literally thousands of people to change their relationship with the water via with our sympathetic, hands-on tuition. From the very first lesson our pupils are inspired by the progress they make.

Get fit

Whatever your starting point, we will help you build up your stamina, speed and efficiency.


When you get into the pool with us, you will feel the day’s pressures being washed away. Even better, you’ll emerge calm and refreshed.

Learn front crawl, breaststroke, butterfly and/or backstroke/
We have redesigned the approach to learning all the major strokes with you in mind. Nowso they are within the reach of any every swimmer, whatever your age or starting point.

Prepare for competition and/or open water

Our front crawl simply takes up less effort than traditional methods. You will use energy meaning that energy is used more efficiently, and your speed and stamina will improve.


We’re receiving more and more referrals from doctors and other health professionals. Shaw Method is fantastic for those who you suffer from neck, back or joint pain as it puts no strain on your skeletal system or the muscles. In the water the your joints are will be eased and you will feel your spine the spine lengthened and released. And wWe’ve had pupils recovering from brain injury, cancer, heart disease, and stroke all getting in touch to tell us about how Shaw Method has helped them.

“It’s got to be Shaw Method or none at all. You know then that you are swimming properly and not doing yourself any harm.” Celia Johnson, Art of Swimming pupil

“My son is now the best swimmer in his class and his confidence level has soared.” Alex, father of an Art of Swimming pupil.

How would you like to learn?

All our teachers work in the water with you, which means that they are able to provide clear demonstrations, communicate easily, and offer you guidance and support. Choose the method of learning that suits you best …

Private lessons

These can be individual lessons or shared with a friend. In a private lesson you can learn whatever you would like to learn.

Weekly group classes

For those of you who like to learn with others in a small groups, these classes are great for inspiring a regular swimming habityou to swim regularly as you are will be encouraged to put in some practice in between classes.


If you like a group environment but can’t commit to the same time each week, a workshop will take you through all the practices for a stroke in one day. You’ll be amazed at the progress you can make in just only a few hours.

What a difference a day’s course makes! I am now regularly swimming my 50 lengths in 35 minutes or even just under. This is HUGE progress for me.” Su Kent, Art of Swimming pupil.

Holidays and short breaks

If you would like to concentrate on your swimming without interruptions from your every day life, and get the chance of 2–5 days of attention from Steven Shaw, the inventor of Shaw Method, a holiday or short break is for you. Held in luxury pools around the UK and overseas, these breaks have the potential towill transform your swimming in just a few days.

“In seven days I had made more progress in the water than in the past 30 years.”
Sarfraz Manzoor, The Guardian