Maria João

Portugal teacher placeholder

1. What motivated you to sign up for the Shaw Method teacher training with Steven Shaw and Holmes Place?
My lifelong passion for water and its profound connection to my being led me to pursue teaching swimming, with the aim of sharing the magical sensations and overall well-being it imparts. Swimming, to me, is synonymous with feeling, communication, and establishing a harmonious bond with water where everything aligns. When the “Art
of Swimming” method was introduced by Steven Shaw at Holmes Place, it resonated deeply with what I had been seeking. Embracing this new method felt like the culmination of my search, providing the tools to convey swimming techniques sensitively and individually tailored to each student’s needs and abilities.

2. In what year did you qualify as a Shaw Method teacher?
I do not recall the exact date, but it was during the inaugural course conducted by Steven at Holmes Place in Portugal.

3. How has learning to teach the Shaw Method impacted on your swimming teaching and your life?
Having delved into various swimming methods and theories, the “Art of Swimming” method uniquely allowed me to realise the vision I had long sought. It transformed my approach, enabling me to teach swimming not merely mechanically but sensitively, fostering a profound connection between students and the water. Now equipped with a comprehensive toolkit, I guide students to interact with water, encouraging them to embrace its flow and rhythm, thus fostering a sense of freedom and connection with this remarkable element.

4. How do you use Shaw Method now?
The essence of the Shaw Method permeates everything I teach, emphasising interaction with water rather than struggling against it. I guide students to liberate themselves, engaging all senses to form a holistic connection with water. By facilitating this understanding, students adapt their bodies to navigate the unique environment of water, where gravity’s absence contrasts with the constant struggle on land. It’s a journey of transformation between two contrasting worlds.

5 What aspect of the work do you love the most?
The “Art of Swimming” has endowed me with the profound ability to connect with water on a sensory level,fostering a harmonious relationship where being with water transcends mere physical activity. Steven and his method have not only enriched my teaching but have profoundly impacted me as a person. I’m immensely grateful for the transformative journey that continues to unfold, offering endless possibilities for growth and connection.