Inês Dias

Ines Diaz

1. What motivated you to sign up for the Shaw Method teacher training with Steven Shaw and Holmes Place?
I discovered the art of swimming course through an advertisement at Holmes Place, which sought individuals with years of swimming experience. Despite being on maternity leave with a two-month-old newborn, I carefully assessed the course content and felt I met the criteria. After teaching the traditional method for 18 years, I resonated with the art of swimming approach and believed it would greatly benefit the students I instructed.

2. In what year did you qualify as a Shaw Method teacher?
I qualified as a Shaw Method teacher in 2014.

3. How has learning to teach the Shaw Method impacted on your swimming teaching and your life?
The art of swimming course profoundly changed my perspective on swimming. It introduced new techniques focused on support, balance, and body alignment, refreshing my approach after years of traditional teaching. Now, I can adapt swimming to individuals of all ages, illnesses, or injuries, ensuring safe training and the freedom of movement in water.

4. How do you use Shaw Method now?
I prioritise safety and body respect in my classes, using the Shaw Method to achieve these goals. Empowering students to feel the freedom of surrendering to water and recognising it as a natural support enhances their fluidity and integration with the water. Students consistently find the movements meaningful for their bodies, fostering harmony and unity between water and human.

5 What aspect of the work do you love the most?
Water is my preferred element, where I relax, train, and feel embraced. Its support is akin to a parent’s lap. Helping others discover this awareness motivates me to utilise the Shaw Method, allowing individuals to connect with water on a profound level.