Maria João

Alexandra Ares

1. What motivated you to sign up for the Shaw Method teacher training with Steven Shaw and Holmes Place?
Holmes Place invited the swimming teachers’ team to explore the Shaw Method and gauge our interest in incorporating it into our classes. We swiftly recognised its potential for both individual and group swimming sessions, sparking our journey to the present day.

2. In what year did you qualify as a Shaw Method teacher?
I became a certified Shaw Method teacher in 2014.

3. How has learning to teach the Shaw Method impacted on your swimming teaching and your life?
The Shaw Method offered me a fresh approach to swimming instruction. Its inclusivity, allowing people of allphysical abilities to engage in swimming, has profoundly impacted the lives of our members.

4. How do you use Shaw Method now?
I integrate the Shaw Method into both my private and group lessons, as well as in my personal swimming practicefor its benefits.

5 What aspect of the work do you love the most?
Witnessing students relax and grow more confident in the water is, in my opinion, the cornerstone of this method. Its use enables them to embrace water activities with numerous benefits for their physical and mental well-being.