Allow me to introduce myself! My name is Albert Heddergott, a recently certified Shaw trainer and proud owner of a modest swimming school. Every week, I lead sessions with six participants, spending an hour in the pool to introduce them to the Shaw method. You can find out more about my school at https://www.ab-en-vloed-zwemschool.nl/.

In 2023, I dedicated a year to immersing myself in this unique method under the guidance of Steven Shaw. These moments were incredibly special to me as they allowed me to reconnect with the water and, in turn, with myself. This journey was particularly significant following a serious traffic accident in 2020, which led to a lengthy rehabilitation process. It became clear that I would never be the same again. Before the accident, I was a Technology Teacher at a school for children with mental and/or psychological challenges. Teaching is my passion, but after the accident, I struggled to handle the pressure and demands of the role. As a result, I could no longer tap into my previous boundless energy, enthusiasm, and playfulness. My physical and mental complaints became overwhelming.

During my recovery journey, I had the opportunity to swim with Steven Shaw, whose lessons inspired me to become a trainer myself, following the Shaw method. I apprenticed with him throughout 2023, and the method brought me back into alignment with my body. I began to walk more smoothly, and my neck pain became more bearable, sometimes disappearing entirely. Through these lessons, I gained insight into the essence of water and how it could transform my approach to life. This newfound understanding led me to pursue a career as a swimming coach.

Thanks to Steven, I now continue my journey as a swimming trainer, focusing on the Shaw method’s unique approach. I believe that slowing down is key to being present in the moment, allowing individuals to connect with themselves and master swimming strokes naturally. In my lessons, I strive to activate participants and ignite their enthusiasm for swimming, emphasizing techniques such as front crawl, breaststroke, butterfly, and backstroke. I aim to create an experience that showcases the effortless and healing nature of swimming, motivating participants to continue their journey in the water.

Join me for swimming without difficulty!

Best regards,
Albert Heddergott

Email address: heddergottalbert@gmail.com
Website: https://www.ab-en-vloed-zwemschool.nl/
Telephone: +31 610832238
Location: Utrecht, Netherlands