What is the Shaw Method?

The Shaw Method, founded in 1987 by Steven Shaw, applies the proven principles of the Alexander Technique to swimming.

Thousands of people have developed their swimming skills and transformed their experience of the water through this unique and enjoyable form of instruction, which improves poise, brings greater freedom of movement, and promotes good body alignment while minimising the risk of strain or injury.

Learn to swim in a way that keeps your spine and body in perfect alignment. Glide gracefully through the water, improve your health and master one of the most profound life skills. Learn, improve and perfect all the strokes. We offer courses, workshops & residential breaks.

“Steven somehow manages to keep things he has taught countless times appear fresh.”

“I took away many skills and insights that will assist beyond just my front crawl stroke.”

““I understood what was meant and, if I didn’t, felt it was explained in a way I could.”

Try This

– a series of short tips you can try yourself, straight from the master Steven Shaw
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