Who should attend?
Anyone who is comfortable being on their back in water, is happy to swim or glide with their face in the water, and would like to discover the ease and power of a well-timed and free-flowing backstroke.

To teach the potential strength and relaxation of this much neglected stroke.

By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • achieve a stable body position,
  • have an effective and powerful leg action,
  • establish efficient timing for the arm action,
  • achieve a continuous and flowing rhythm for the stroke,
  • use rotation of the body to achieve optimum streamlining, and maintain a relaxed and easy breathing rhythm

    When backstroke is swum correctly, the head should be supported by the water and the face is never submerged. Good rotational movement encourages expansion along the sides of the body and the arms and legs are strengthened without putting a strain on the spine.