Try This – a series of short tips you can try yourself, straight from the master Steven Shaw…

Try This  #6 – Enjoy the benefits of swimming on your back

First, launch off on your back with your hands by your sides and then relax and lengthen the back of your neck so that the head rests gently on the water.


  1. Propel yourself with just your legs focusing on releasing the legs down and pressing up. 
  2. Extend the legs as you kick upwards avoid cycling and locking the knees and ankles for 10 leg beats
  3. Then rotate the body without turning the head to the right so that the left leg is on top for another 10 leg beats
  4. Then Rotate back to the centre for ten leg beats

Repeat on the left and continue for a few minutes…

Apply this to the full stroke with a rotation and note how much easier it is to move your arms and how much more streamlined you feel in the water.

Enjoy ☺️

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