Swimming Experiences

Spend five 5 days with the master  ~ Steven Shaw in Portugal

Our swimming experiences are suitable for anyone who can swim, does not get breathless after a length and is comfortable in the water.

The programme includes
Daily 90 minute group classes
Daily individual  1-1 coaching
And of course there is ample opportunity to swim at leisure.



“Steven Shaw is the horse whisperer of swimming. Just as riding does not to be about breaking the horse, swimming does not have to be about fighting the water. Steven Shaw teaches you how to join with the water.”

Steven is the Course Director of the Middlesex University accredited Diploma course in the Shaw Method and has trained more than 100 teachers. He is the co-author with a former pupil Armand D’Angour of the 1997 ‘Art of Swimming in a new direction with the Alexander Technique’ and has produced four  DVDs. His second book on learning to swim with the Shaw Method, ’Master the Art of Swimming’ was published in 2006.

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