Kathrin Lamm offers swimming lessons for adults based on the Shaw Method. With the Shaw Method, students learn to swim all 4 styles efficiently, effectively and gracefully. There is also a programme for water novices, who are introduced to the water in a slow and relaxed way using selected exercises.

As a swim instructor, Kathrin initially works with learners out of the water to learn and internalise movement patterns. As soon as the body has memorised the rhythm and positions, it’s time to get into the water – teacher and student. Working together in the water allows for optimal communication and comprehensible demonstration. The instruction about setting impulses directly on the body is particularly easy for learners to implement.

In 2023, Kathrin completed the Certified Shaw Method Trainer training with Steven so that even more people can learn this wonderful way of swimming. Kathrin is also a lifeguard and volunteers with the Hamburg Red Cross water rescue service.

What students say about the training:
“I learned ‘crawl with the Shaw technique’¬†from Kathrin. Every single step is easy to learn, and in the end it really adds up to crawl. Kathrin is a very motivated and at the same time patient teacher. Thank you Kathrin!”
[Axel, Hamburg]

Email address: kathrin@schwimmkunst.de
Website: www.schwimmkunst.de
Telephone: +49 175 – 76 18 715
Location: Hamburg (Germany)