Front Crawl


Who should attend?
Anyone who can swim or glide with their face in the water, and wishes to learn a unique, efficient, and inspiring approach to front crawl.

To introduce a fluid and powerful full-body movement combined with smooth, integrated breathing to this most commonly swum stroke.

By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • significantly reduce the amount of effort required to swim the stroke;
  • establish a strong sense of rhythm, balance and propulsion;
  • use optimum rotation of the body to increase streamlining;
  • recognise the appropriate amount of exertion for the leg action;
  • achieve the proper timing for the arms; and
  • smoothly integrate front crawl breathing into the stroke by use of passive breathing


The level 2 front crawl classes are designed for those who have been taken through the Shaw Method progressions and for front crawlers that are interested in refining their skills and improving their performance.

The focus is on moving beyond the basic building blocks to a more flowing and sustainable action. Particular attention is given to achieving an integrated and relaxed breathing pattern. Most people also experience an improvement in their ability to achieve greater propulsion with less effort.

    The most common problem faced by front crawl swimmers is dealing involves the transition between air and water i.e. taking a breath. Generally the solution can be found by first addressing other elements of the stroke, such as head/body position and body rotation. This course will address all aspects of developing an effective and sustainable front crawl.