It is widely known that swimming is great for your  physical health by providing a low-impact cardio workout. Yet there are many other significant health benefits which have remained relatively unknown and unpublicised … until now. Research into these hidden  health benefits supports the idea that swimming is more than just another way of working out, it’s a transformational activity capable of integrating our mind/body experience. However, in order to accrue these hidden benefits the swimmer must have a positive relationship with the water and be able to swim sustainably at a moderate pace for 20 minutes or more, three times a week. Swimming with poor technique (with the face out of the water or a screw kick in breaststroke, for instance) can do more harm than good.

Steven Shaw has spent the last quarter of a century developing his Shaw Method – an accessible way that even the most stubborn land lover can discover their inner dolphin and access the following hidden benefits and pleasures of swimming.

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